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I am a loving, caring individual with, like many other people, a range of life experiences both good and bad.  Qualified as a Wellbeing Coach & Crystal Therapist I care passionately about others.

After being diagnosed with stress, anxiety and depression in 2011 and struggling to find a way back from this without the use of prescription medication,  not knowing where to turn for help or support my journey began.

I didn’t want to do anything, getting up in the morning was a massive achievement in itself. I was afraid of facing the world, scared of what people would think of me, I thought people could see there was something wrong and they were laughing at me or ridiculing me.  Little did I know at that time that I wasn’t on my own.

I began listening to meditations and researching everything from suicide statistics to wellbeing support until I finally summed up the courage to go into town where I stumbled across a wellbeing centre which was starting a relaxation class and Tai Chi class that very week.  This combined with a holiday to Southport where I experienced my first taste of alternative therapy and healing was the beginning of my life changing journey.

My journey has opened my eyes to things, people, ways of life and love I never thought were possible but also the realisation that almost everyone has something in their life they want to change.
They may want to

  • find a better job
  • lose weight
  • find love
  • be fitter or healthier

Differences in individuals and how they manage their lives, their stress, anxiety, joy and happiness are incredibly vast.  For example, “Diets… which is best for me?  I don’t want to do it alone therefore my best friend is doing it with me….”  Is the “best friend” diet right for both people?

Stress, anxiety and depression and our reactions to these vary from person to person.  Due to this our coping mechanisms will also differ and because of this resolutions will also be different. Something which causes one person a great amount of stress, may cause someone else to laugh.  We are all individual and have different answers to all of our questions.

Can you spot some of the signs I was suffering with stress in part of my story from this, my first ever keynote speaking engagement?

Joy, happiness and love mean something as different to you as they do to the person in the queue in front of you in the supermarket….”

Thanks to my experiences and skills as a Qualified Wellbeing Coach and my unique system Learn to Live a Life You Love, I can help you do just that! Learn to Live a Life you Love.

By working together we are able to achieve life changing results.

But, I get it, you don’t know me and you’re not ready to work with someone who doesn’t know you either.

Please click here to view my videos including short introductions to my online course and how it can help you!

Precious Gems Wellbeing – You Tube Channel

Let’s change that right now. I have created a totally free taster course that will teach you 5 steps to overcome stress, anxiety or depression and what’s more, you can begin right away. Just click here for instant access to my free online course http://bit.ly/5-steps-free-course



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