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Brilliant workshop on 17th Feb 2018 with Lisa.  It really made sense with the exercises we had to do. Simple but wow so effective!!.  Thank you Lisa xxx (and yes Lisa I am doing my homework – Alison

Lisa’s confidence workshop gave me a renewed belief in myself.  I have achieved two of three goals set.  It was an emotional journey, powerful & enlightening. Thank you Lisa – Lesley

First-time public speaker, Lisa Billingham spoke eloquently and authentically about the ever increasing problems of poor mental health. Telling her own story with great humour, Lisa now helps other people through her personal experience and subsequent training to deal with the debilitating conditions of stress, anxiety and depression – Andy

“Lisa has given me several Crystal Therapy Treatments.  Each Treatment has been proven to be amazingly correct & has changed my life.  I would recommend Lisa’s services to anyone.”


Dear Lisa

Would like to thank you for my treatment and I think you are a most remarkable lady as you were spot on with my diagnoses as well as  the lifestyle  characteristics! Felt a bit odd and emotional the rest of the day but definitely a bit lighter after that..

I would recommend you highly to anybody who is a bit stuck in their lives like myself! Lovely birthday present to myself.

Kind Regards and very best wishes for your business,


Lisa has supported me to overcome some issues that I was having. Her proactive approach has guided me through some lifestyle changes that helped me to improve my general wellbeing. I have every confidence in recommending her services to other people.   *John


When I received the crystal healing and life coaching from Lisa, my world had recently been turned upside down. I knew I had done the right thing for me, but, as usual, had doubts and was not in a good or balanced place. The healing, understandably took some time, I was made to feel at ease and the treatment was very relaxing, at one point, my right leg twitched (a lot), Lisa explained the blocked energy was moving. When a black tourmaline was placed on my third eye, the sensation was very cold. As the healing progressed, I became more and more physically and emotionally relaxed, I may even have nodded off.

When the healing was over, Lisa explained where my blockages had been , how I could help myself to become more healthy, harmonious, productive and, to be my authentic self. She gave me an amethyst crystal to help me resolve some life-long issues. Since then, I have felt more balanced, much less fearful of the future, and feel more ‘me’ . I am definitely going to have more treatments and highly recommend anyone who may be searching for assistance letting go of unhealthy thoughts, and habits , even if their not apparent to us.  Lesley

Dear Lisa.
I have being trying for the last six days to find something to say, about how you have helped me,it’s not enough but the only thing I can come up with is thank you. Thank you for helping me start to sleep better as that’s what’s happening. Thank you for helping me with my grief and loss, also taking away some of the pain in my knee which I did not believe any one could do. So Lisa once again thank you.

Regards John Moult