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Learn to Live a Life you Love Full Transition Programme

How to overcome stress, anxiety and depression and  Live a Life You Love

Do you want to overcome your stress, anxiety or depression? Do you want to overcome it quickly? Are you struggling to interact with people?  Are you struggling to make eye contact with others? Do you want to live a life you love?

Everyone wants an “easy button” when it comes to finding a balance in life and actually having a life you love. People who generally want to be happy tend to think there’s a “trick” or “secret” to success, which is why I’m constantly asked…

“How come you’re so happy Lis?”

“What’s your secret?

“You’re laughing a lot” – those who know me know how my laugh has gotten me into trouble with senior managers at my workplace because I was so loud.  My answer was always.  It’s better to be like this than miserable.. Until I became miserable and I didn’t get told off for laughing too loud, I got the“why are you so miserable” comments, then I realised I had a problem.  I wanted to get into trouble for my loud laugh again.

 “How do you do it Lis? What’s the secret?”

Well, to be honest, there is a secret.

So here it is… I’ll give you the “secret”…

After decades of abuse, self abuse and nearly ending it multiple times I was finally diagnosed with stress, anxiety and depression in 2011 and was struggling to find a way back without the use of prescription medication, not knowing where to turn for help or support my journey began with the decision to throw away the prescription I had just been handed (but to keep the sick note) and find another way.

It took years more of looking for a solution, spending stupid amounts of money and wasting hours and hours of time worrying about worrying and stressing about stress to finally hit upon the answer. The “Learning to Live a Life You Love” programme.

I craved being back to “normal” whatever normal was, I wanted to laugh again and get in trouble for being too loud, but I couldn’t see a way out of the deep depression I had deteriorated into.  I was a shadow of my former self, lost friends, struggled to keep my job and find myself again.

During those years I thought I needed someone or something to make me happy, to make me feel “whole again” – (oooh I’m feeling a song coming on here J) I was desperately seeking something. I had no idea what it was I was seeking. I wanted to love and be loved but then it hit me, I had to love myself first.

So if you want the “secret” to loving you, here it is…

Be you.  Be yourself and don’t let anyone stop you being true to you.

The amount of success you achieve is a direct reflection of something I call your “IFA”, or “Individual Focusing Ability”.

The human mind is capable of focusing on whatever you tell it to. The trick is to be able to keep it focused on that thing day after day, no matter what. This is your individual focusing ability and everyone’s ability is different.

For example, some people can say they want to lose weight and manage to focus just long enough to find a suitable diet or club to join and then their focus shifts to something else.

There is an almost endless supply of this type of person.

It takes no effort or focus to blame the poor choice of diet for their failure to lose weight, or their age, or their large bones or their genetics. How often have you heard (or made) these excuses?

The ones that succeed in their diets, and their businesses, are the people who focus clearly on what they want to achieve and stay focused on that all week, and every week until they achieve their end result.

There are not many of this type of person, which is why success is perceived as hard to achieve.

So how do you become someone who is capable of living a life they love?

It’s quite simple really. It requires you to be 4 things:

  1. Focused
  2. Determined to live a life you love
  3. Open minded
  4. Willing to make changes & step out of your comfort zone

Most of us have pre-conceived ideas about how we should go about things. We know what we think “should” work or what it “should” look like. We have certain beliefs about how the world works, usually based on previous experience. As you are now embarking on something that is totally new to you, you need to open your mind and allow new beliefs and ideas to enter.

Most of us don’t like to be told what to do, or that our ideas aren’t workable or viable. We don’t like the thought of having to pass the credit for our success onto someone else. To be successful will require you to let go of this ridiculous notion. Success is a direct result of you being able to take instructions and implement them.

Most of us would say we are determined to life a life we love, but are we? We say we will do anything to change, but will we? We all have our comfort zones and these are places we don’t want to exit. For example when I mention listening to your gut and if something feels wrong, don’t do it. Well guess what? If you listen to your gut and follow it, you will find that life you love. If you are truly determined then you will do whatever you need to do to make live a life you love.

So how can I help you to live a life you love?

I became those 4 things. I worked on every single aspect of myself.

I qualified as a Wellbeing Coach & Crystal Therapist to help me get to know myself and discover who I was and what my beliefs were

I set up my business to help me to help others

I sought out mentors who could help me personally and in business:

  • Simon Sinek – His book – Start with Why
  • Claire Maguire – Wellbeing Coaching Training
  • Rhonda Byrne – Authour of The Magic, which taught me to be grateful
  • Michael Chan – Tai Chi Instructor
  • Andy Harrington – Public Speaking
  • Dr Marion Bevington – Marion Bevington.com – Public Speaking Coaching
  • Maureen Lemon – Crystal Therapy Tutor
  • Alex Bingham – Personal Trainer
  • Ian Preston – IJP Consultancy Ltd – Business Strategy
  • Brett Sheldon – The Business Support Organisation – Business Support & ongoing advice
  • Lynne Thomas – Thomas Jones Consulting Ltd – Practical support with this course
  • Mike Bowden – Changing Outcomes – Business Coaching

The total cost of all this learning and development was about £18,000. Yes, that is eighteen thousand pounds. But don’t switch off thinking you don’t have this kind of money to spend.

I didn’t have most of it either at the time. I borrowed a bit from my parents, took my redundancy and used my earning from my full time job to fund the rest of it – but you don’t have to do that either so keep reading

It took me a total of 7 years to attain all of that – not what you would call a fast process was it?

So how is that relevant to living a life you love?

Well the thing is, because I went and did all those things, you don’t have to.

I took the time, and money, to get that education. (I do love learning though so don’t feel too sorry for me) so that I could figure out the secret of living a life you love. Turns out it is much simpler than I had thought.

It isn’t knowing all that stuff that makes you successful, it’s knowing what to do with it that makes you successful. Let me explain…

Knowing how to meditate is great but if you don’t know how to put it into practice, it isn’t much use.

Knowing you need to be grateful is fantastic, but feeling it is totally different

Knowing your life is different to loving it

This is where I come into my own!

I can teach you all that I learnt in those 7 years – but much faster. I can then show you how to implement it in your life straight away. I can shorten those learning curves so that you hardly notice them. I can advise you what to do, how to do it and when to do it in my simple 5 Step System!

Imagine learning how to meditate in less than 2 hours and being able to use it daily

Imagine learning how to be grateful so that you never want for anything

Imagine Living a Life You Love

Most people take years to achieve all this. This is why we just “exist” for years without really enjoying or loving our lives.

But you’re not most people.  You are a unique, precious gem and you deserve to live a life you love!

Loving life is just a series of goals that have been achieved. If you want to start achieving your goals today then JOIN MY COACHING PROGRAMME!

This coaching programme will take you through 5 modules and 30 lessons and you can work at your own pace but I recommend 3 months and no longer than 6.  But you MUST put the work in. You will learn how to develop a good  mind-set, how to set goals that you can’t help but achieve, how to overcome negativity in your life as well as how to build strong relationships & friendships.

You will have access to hours of tutorials that will teach you just about anything you need to know about growing and learning to live a life you love.

So join me and see where you can take you.

Once you have completed this course you will:

    • Socialise more
    • Know how to spot the signs you are becoming stressed and be able to manage it
    • Know how to manage your stress levels
    • Be more confident
    • Be able to interact with your peers more effectively
    • Release your limiting beliefs and leave the past behind
    • Be true to yourself and your beliefs
    • Learn self-help tips
    • Be able to help others in a similar position to you
    • Live a life you love

I care passionately about others and my aim is help you take back control of your life before you hit rock bottom by helping you to “Learn to live a life you love”

Watch my short video on how this course can help you


Included in the Price:

  • The Complete Learn to Live a Life You Love Programme
  • Tutorials (video’s, audio’s, written)
  • 3 x meditations
  • Goal setting strategies
  • Exciting tasks for you to undertake (30 tasks in total)
  • Bonus lesson
  • Bonus video guide 1 – 8 little known secrets to preventing stress & depression
  • Bonus video guide 2 – 8 positive ways towards preventing stress or depression in under 10 minutes
  • Facebook support group
  • Optional 90 minute one to one coaching session at the end of the course
  • Plus the £18,000 worth of training and qualifications that have gone into this coaching programme.
  • Plenty of doses of positivity


*ALL THIS for just £399

Too expensive? If this is what you’re thinking then you are not ready to take your next step – and that’s fine, not everyone is. Keep working on it, join our free community, and join in the discussions and you will soon be ready to take this next step.

Can’t afford to pay up front? If that’s what you’re thinking then I have you covered. I know it is difficult when you are feeling under par. You want to get back to normal but you have to keep spending money first right? Well unfortunately that is the nature of life. You have to speculate to accumulate.

To help you out, because I was once where you are now, not only am I offering all this for the lowest price possible but I am also offering you the chance to  pay by monthly instalments 6 x £66.50 This works out at £2.19 per day

What do you spend £2.19 on each day? That’s cheaper than a packet of cigarettes, in some places that’s also cheaper than a pint of beer or glass of wine and a couple of cups of coffee. I bet you could easily find this amount if you wanted to – or not, the choice is really up to you.


Who is this programme for?

People who

  • Want to learn some self-help tips
  • Want to live a life they love
  • Want to overcome stress, anxiety and depression
  • Can’t face going out
  • Can’t face others
  • Are open-minded
  • Want to embrace change & see a transformation
  • Want to move forward in their lives
  • Want to remove their limiting beliefs


Who is this programme NOT for?

People who

  • Are not ready to invest the time and effort in themselves and use the proven concepts to improve their circumstances
  • Are not action takers, It’s not for people that just like to throw money at the problems and not implement the hard work.
  • Are dishonest with what they do, because we know and share with you powerful strategies that get results so if you aren’t congruent with us and lead with integrity this is not for you.
  • Find excuses not to do something
  • Give up when the first thing they try fails
  • Who are not willing to be coached
  • Who complain rather than get on with the task in hand.

So, if you are part of the first group then I would love to have you. Just click on your preferred payment option link below and let the fun begin! Your payments will be handled by PayPal to ensure your financial security.

There’s also a FULL 14 Day Money Back Guarantee! If you work with me for 14 days and then feel that it’s not a right fit for you, providing you can show that you’ve done the work and made an effort, any monies paid will be refunded in full and future payments cancelled. There’s absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain, so what are you waiting for?